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IP Law company INVENTA

is ready to help if you need:

  • Patenting in Ukraine

  • Trademark registration in Ukraine, Russia or any country of the CIS and World

  • Copyright registration and protection in Ukraine

  • Consultation of Patent and Trademark Lawyers on Intellectual Property in Ukraine

  • Assistance of Patent and Trademark Attorneys with representation in courts for issues related to Intellectual Property right protection

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Intellectual Property News
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!  more
November 12, 2015 patent attorneys of the IP Law company Inventa LTD E.S. Stogniy and E.A. Zybtcev ran a workshop about patenting IT products as inventions in Ukraine.  more

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  • Patent Law Company INVENTA offers the whole spectrum of patent and legal services in the sphere of protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Inventa in positioned to perform work and provide services related to the registration of trademarks both within and outside Ukraine; patenting inventions, utility models, and industrial designs; the registration of copyrights on works. Our Company offers the complete complex of services associated with the preparation of applications and filing the same with a Patent Office of a desired country; performs clerical work till obtaining a protection document and a further maintenance of such protection document as well as engages in the preparation, execution, delivery, and registration of various agreements for the assignment or transfer of rights to intellectual property objects.   
  • Inventa started its business simultaneously with the formation of independent Ukraine in 1991 and, to date, has amassed a wealth of experience in the sphere of services related to the protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine, Russia, and other countries. During the period of time of our business, we have performed work on the protection of rights to enormous number of various objects of intellectual property owned by applicants from Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, the South Korea, and other countries.
  • Our company is the leader among the Ukrainian firms which engages in the protection of rights to objects of intellectual property in terms of the number of international applications filed under the PCT. For example, in 2008, this figure was about 15% of the total number of PCT applications filed by Ukrainian applicants throughout the year.
  • Inventa has established business connections with major industrial enterprises of Ukraine, scientific & technological and design organizations, higher educational institutions, SME representatives, and individuals.   
  • Our company has a considerable amount of experience in representing our customers’ interests in litigations related to patent right violations; the challenge of the validity of protection documents issued; and the determination of damage caused by unauthorized use of intellectual property objects. 
  • A wealth of experience and its good standing has enabled Patent Law Company INVENTA to take strong position in a boom market of intellectual products of Ukraine.