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The Inventa Patent Company provides services in registering trademarks and domain names, patenting inventions, utility models and industrial designs, and registering copyright in Ukraine and abroad.

Inventa's patent agents offer an entire range of services in drafting applications and filing them with the Patent Office of Ukraine, processing the applications until a patent is granted, and maintaining the patent during its life. They also provide services in registering domain names in the segment .UA, and draft and register a variety of agreements on assignment of intellectual property rights.

Company history

The Inventa Company started it activities when Ukraine gained its independence in 1991. To date, it has acquired a wealth of experience in providing services for protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine, Russia, and other countries. The Company has been involved in protecting over 2,000 different intellectual property entities owned by applicants from Ukraine, Russia, China, South Korea, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Columbia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, Moldova, and other countries.


Over many years, among Ukrainian firms involved in protection of intellectual property rights, our Company has been in a strong leading position by the number of international applications that Ukrainian applicants have filed under the PCT procedure, as well as by international registration of trademarks under the Madrid Convention.

In 2016, Inventa received twice more utility model patents and three times more industrial design patents as compared to 2014.

International integration

In 2016, our Company increased dramatically the volume of services in protection of different intellectual property rights abroad. In particular, the number of applications we filed for inventions, trademarks and industrial designs in such countries as China, India, Russia, South Korea, and EU countries increased significantly. This is indicative of the growing interest of Ukrainian applicants in the unfailing protection of their developments abroad.

Business relations

The Inventa Patent Company has steady business relations with major industrial enterprises in Ukraine, research-and-engineering and design organisations, higher education establishments, small and medium-size businesses, and private individuals.

The Company's patent agents and lawyers are experts in representing clients' interests in court proceedings dealing with infringement of patent rights, challenging granted patents, and determining the damage inflicted by unauthorised use of intellectual property.

A wealth of experience and an excellent reputation enabled Inventa to establish firm positions in the dynamic and rapidly developing market of services in protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine.


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Patent attorney of Ukraine

Yevhen Zybtsev

Patent attorney of Ukraine

Artem Morgun

IP Lawyer

Artem Kantsypa

Patent agent of Ukraine

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