Opportunity to increase load, rotating speed of the bit and consequently the effectiveness of the drilling process radically. Possibility to apply for drilling thermal boreholes, in particular for drilling ultradeep wells.

The face sealing of the bearing chamber does not contain elastomeric components, the cushion of the sealing is formed by bumping metal membrane,  generation of heat in the support does not limit load and rotating speed. The  membrane and the face sealing are being protected from contacting drill cuttings. The automatic stabilization of pressure in the face twain during the operation of the bit can be activated.

The design guarantees simplification of production, reduction of production cost, simple adaptation to the existing factory equipment, possibility of repeated use of the bit components (except roller cutters).

Application of the given design is especially appropriate for creation of some new bit production.

The author of the design offers transfer of his rights of the applicant (the holder) of two inventions:

  • 1 Patent application – registration number:  2006 09591 of 05 September 2006. The first publication – October 2006.
  • 2 Patent application – registration number:  2007 01166 of 05 February 2007. The first publication – April 2007.

The author also offers his engineering services and his know-how (recent developments) in particular concerning designing the membrane face sealing and other components of the design using the definite dimension-type of a bit.

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