We offer a new wasteless technology of production of soap (coco) chips.

The use of the new wasteless technology of production of soap chips gives opportunity to accomplish several topical tasks in traditional methods of production:

1.    Allows to decrease power inputs connected with production of soap chips owing to the temperature during soap making – 50-90??;

2.    Allows to simplify soap chips production method. Soap chips production is accomplished at one stage;

3.     Allows to shorten the duration of soap chips production method. The production method of soap chips takes 20 minutes;

4.     Allows to avoid formation of waste products, in particular discharged waters;

5.    Allows to use a wide range of vegetable or animal fats and also their combinations to obtain soap chips with necessary features;

6.    The high speed of the process allows to make complete saponification of a fat base of stochiometric composition and also of composition with lack of alkali. Owing to this we have incomplete saponification which provides the presence of mono- and diglyceride in the end product provided that there is no redundancy of alkali. The process can be also carried out even if there is alkali redundancy. It needs the following neutralization of a free alkali by a fatty acid, which leads to increased amount of fatty acids in the end product.

The wasteless process of soap chips production can be carried out in devices of periodic and continuous duty with high productivity.

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