Registration of an industrial design (design) in Ukraine is an involved and time-consuming process. It starts by filing an application for industrial design registration, followed by an 8 to 12-month procedure of its examination by the Patent Office of Ukraine, and finalised by granting a patent.

In Ukraine, exclusive rights to an industrial design originate on the date of publishing information on granting a patent. However, such a long application examination term does not always suit an applicant.

The need in acquiring a patent without delay occurs when a product with new visual design properties is ready to be launched on the market, in particular, in the priority application country. Ukraine has the practice of entering a patented industrial design to the customs register to impede export and import of infringing goods across the customs border of Ukraine. Therefore, to prevent illegal actions of third parties, a practical option is the procedure of accelerated examination of an application and making a decision on granting a patent.

Accelerated examination of an industrial design application in Ukraine takes 1-3 months from the date of filing it with the Patent Office of Ukraine.

The cost of accelerated examination of an industrial design application in Ukraine, including patent agent fees, is about 80.00 USD per application (irrespective of the number of industrial design variations specified in the application).

Inventa Company experts will provide you with relevant information on accelerated registration of an industrial design, develop a strategy for protection of your design in the territory of Ukraine, and will do all things required to handle the task efficiently.