Following the filing of an industrial design patent of Ukraine, the next stage starts. It implies maintaining the industrial design patent because the action of exclusive rights stemming from the industrial design patent depends directly on the timely payment of patent maintenance fees.

During the process of maintaining an industrial design patent, the following is required:

  • taking timely actions to maintain the industrial design patent;
  • tracking information related to changes in patent fees, the procedure of their payment and the execution of procedures involved with maintaining patents, including those filed abroad;
  • tracking changes in patent holder's particulars and to make timely revisions to the State Register of Industrial design patents of Ukraine;
  • determining the budget related to maintaining patents and the procedure of their payment;
  • in the event of untimely actions related to maintenance of patents that can occur owing to different reasons, e.g., current unavailability of patent holder's funds for maintaining a patent, the expediency of further use and maintenance of the patent, and so forth, and to determine the critical terms and funds needed for patent renewal.

The Table shows the cost of maintaining industrial design patents for physical and legal persons.

Maintaining an industrial design patent of Ukraine


Maintaining an industrial design patent of Ukraine, years State fee, USD Company services, USD
For a physical patent holder – invention author For a legal person
1. First year 1.00 12.00 35.00
2. Second year 1.00 12.00 35.00
3. Third year 1.50 15.00 35.00
4. Fourth year 2.00 20.00 35.00
5. Fifth year 2.00 25.00 35.00
6. Sixth year 3.00 30.00 35.00
7. Seventh year 4.00 35.00 35.00
8. Eight year 4.00 35.00 35.00
9. Ninth year 5.00 85.00 45.00
10. Tenth year 5.00 85.00 45.00
Filing an application for prolonging the industrial design patent effective term for the next five years     40.00
11. Eleventh year 5.00 85.00 45.00
12. Twelfth year 5.00 85.00 45.00
13. Thirteenth year 5.00 85.00 45.00
14. Fourteenth year 5.00 85.00 45.00
15. Fifteenth year 8.00 160.00 45.00


Inventa experts will help you with all actions required for maintaining industrial design patents of Ukraine.