The average term of trademark registration in Ukraine is 12-16 months from the date of filing an application with the Patent Office of Ukraine. The term depends on a variety of reasons: the workload at the Patent Office; the necessity to provide third parties with the right to a respective convention priority for trademarks, which is six months; establishing a reasonable term for third parties to oppose registration of the applied designation as a trademark.

Hence, many applicants find a need in fast registration of a trademark with the Patent Office of Ukraine. This is because an applicant wants to enjoy one’s rights in a registered trademark at the earliest.

Therefore, the Patent Office of Ukraine has provided for an accelerated procedure of reviewing an application for trademark registration. The cost of accelerated examination of an application by the Patent Office depends on many circumstances:

  • kind of applied trademark (word/letters, image, or their combination)
  • number of classes of goods and services (ICGS), for which the trademark is being applied for.

Therefore, prior to starting the procedure of accelerated registration of a trademark, it is necessary to determine the extent of required expenditures and the strategy of their optimisation.

Based on information about your trademark, which will be registered in Ukraine, we will prepare a cost estimate for its accelerated registration.

Inventa’s experts are always willing to provide you with professional services in accelerated registration of a trademark in Ukraine.