To register a trademark in Ukraine the following is required:

  1. Prepare an image(s) of the designation to be registered as a trademark.

  2. Determine the nomenclature of goods and services, with respect to which the trademark is used or will be used.

  3. Prepare the particulars of the applicant in whose name the trademark will be registered.

Upon receiving the requisite information indicated in items 1-3 from the applicant, we will prepare a cost estimate, which will include different alternative jobs depending on the circumstances of relevant paperwork.

Then we will perform a search for trademarks filed and registered in Ukraine.

We will give the applicant the conclusions of our experts regarding the strategy of registering the trademark with account of the search results.

Next, we will prepare and submit a set of application materials to the Patent Office of Ukraine for trademark registration.

The term of registration of a trademark in Ukraine is 12-15 months from the date of filing an application with the Patent Office of Ukraine. If required, this procedure can be accelerated by paying a state levy (fee). In this case, we will prepare an additional cost estimate to account for extra expenditures involving accelerated application examination in the Patent Office of Ukraine.

While examining the application, the experts of the Patent Office of Ukraine send different kinds of inquiries, notifications and decisions to the applicant’s representative (patent agent). According to the results of formal and qualification examination, the Patent Office expert prepares a preliminary decision on compliance or incompliance of the applied mark to Ukrainian legislation requirements.

In case of applicant’s disagreement with the preliminary decision of the Patent Office, we will prepare a substantive response and submit essential materials that will facilitate a positive decision by the Patent Office.

According to the results of considering the applicant’s substantive response, the Patent Office either agrees with applicant’s arguments and makes a final decision on registration of the applied designation as a trademark of Ukraine, or disagrees with applicant’s arguments and makes a decision on rejecting registration of the applied mark.

On applicant’s initiative, the decision of the Patent Office can be appealed to the Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals holds a panel examination of the case materials – investigates the propriety of applicant’s arguments concerning trademark registration and analyses the reasoning of the Patent Office to refuse registration.

Based on the examined case materials, the Board of Appeals prepares a final decision on registration of the designation applied as a trademark of Ukraine or on refusal of registration.

The applicant can challenge the decision of the Board of Appeals in a judicial procedure.

The experts of the Inventa Company can provide a complete set of services for registering your trademark in Ukraine.