The duration of a trademark in Ukraine is 10 years from the date of filing a trademark application with the Trademark Office of Ukraine. For trademark renewal in Ukraine for the following 10 years, the trademark holder should pay a state fee and take certain actions by contacting the Trademark Office of Ukraine.

For the holder of a trademark, especially one that has been registered abroad, it is challenging to track the critical terms of expiry of one’s trademark and maintain correspondence with the Trademark Office of Ukraine. Therefore, non-residents of Ukraine should address all issues on registering a trademark, its renewal, and assignment by contacting patent attorneys registered in Ukraine.

To renewal your trademark you need to provide the following data:

  1. Trademark registration No.

  2. Your contact information.

If the trademark holder has lost or forgot the trademark registration No. in Ukraine, we can perform a search by the description of the trademark or by its image, or perform a search by the name of the trademark holder and thus find the trademark registration No.

Based on the information provided, we will prepare of cost estimate for trademark renewal and the requisite documents for its extension.

Note also that during trademark renewal it may become necessary to make amendments to the State Registry of Trademarks related to changing the particulars of a trademark holder, e.g. name or address.

Inventa Company experts will help you with trademark renewal in Ukraine.